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  Get on Track
 With Your Life

College is a time for opening your mind to new vistas, as well as getting focused on your life going forward. Yet, for many students, their education will overlook  teaching the basic life skills needed for successful living.
At Resurgenz, our core curriculum centers on teaching these skills and promoting personal growth.  Along with guiding you to find your career direction, our courses guide you on a journey of self-discovery, teaching you the skills you need, while creating a game plan to make it all happen.

A Graduate's Guide to Life

Our upcoming book guides you to get on track in 6 critical ways.
  1. 1. Getting Started
    Being confused over your direction in life or where to begin can leave you feeling stuck. Understanding how to get started can give you the motivation you need. *Overcoming Confusion *Building Self-Confidence *Developing a Positive Attitude
  2. 2. Knowing Yourself
    Success in all areas of life begins with knowing yourself. Unless you know you, how can you find a good match in your relationships, career, or purpose in life? *Understanding Your Values *Enhancing Your Relationships *Finding Fulfillment
  3. 3. Making Wise Choices
    Making choices is something you do every day, and is likely the most important thing you do. Your choices help you create the life you want and you can begin making better ones. *The Power of Choosing *Pursuing Wisdom *Developing Your Character
  4. 4. Choosing Your Career
    Having the career you want starts with understanding your strengths and interests. We cover everything from resume writing, networking and interviewing. *Making Assessments *Researching the Job Market *Executing Your Search
  5. 5. Managing Your Resources
    Time and money management skills are essential for successful living. By developing good habits you get more done, and reduce the clutter of your life. *Managing Your Time *Managing Your Space *Managing Your Money
  6. 6. Creating a Game Plan
    Everything that we cover culminates here with creating your Game Plan. It is custom made for you, and will enable you to get started in life. *Creating a Vision *Setting Goals *Executing and Refining

The Holland Career Assessment

About Us

Drawing upon years of experience in business, education, personal and career counseling,
our team of professionals make this school the great place to learn that it is.

Rick Halpern
Founder & Director
As a successful businessman and accomplished lecturer, Rick brings to the school a depth of real-world experience, and a penchant for speaking about living a life with purpose. He is a certified Career Development Facilitator (CDF) and Elite Life Coach, and received his Degree in Finance from George Washington University.

Rick Van Haveren, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Rick’s specialties include career development, sport psychology, management consulting, assessment, and general practice. He is a former professor and staff psychologist at Georgia State University, and he earned his PhD from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Rick provides individual counseling and assessment to students at Resurgenz.